1. Individual Projects

        1. Beyond Allegories
        2. 9 May 2014
        3. This is a project by Jonas Staal, Ann Demeester, Carolien Gehrels and Hans van Houwelingen.

        4. Amsterdam City Council, Amsterdam (NL)
        5. www.beyondallegories.nl
      1. “In Beyond Allegories artists and politicians discuss proposals on the role of art within governance, political mobilization and action”


        Theater collective Wunderbaum & Salima Belhaj, design collective Foundland and Dirk Poot, Matthijs de Bruijne & Ron Meyer, Yoonis Osman Nuur & Ahmet Ögüt, Hans van Houwelingen & Carolien Gehrels, Mariko Peters, design collective Metahaven & Jonas Staal


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