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    1. Maha Yammine

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      2. Maha Yammine (1986, LEB) is a visual artist working mainly in sculpture, installation, performance and video. These mediums support a reflection at the intersection of several horizons – political, social, cultural, and historical – that extends from the particular to the common. Yammine collects and reactivates stories lived by people. Through her artistic practice, she aims to transform nostalgic contemplation into new forms, actions and experiences.

        Yammine obtained her MFA in painting from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Beirut, Lebanon (2014) and received her DNSEP (MA) from the ESAD Valenciennes, France (2016). She was part of the 'Cité Internationale des Arts' art residency in Paris (2017) and participates in 'Post-diplôme' at ENSBA, a post graduate art residency in Lyon, France (2017-2019). Yammine participated in several group shows in Lebanon, France and Italy. Her most recent show and publication are entitled 'Panem et Circenses' (2018).


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